Automated Masternode Platform

About A.M.P

A.M.P is a Cryptocurrency based on the C11 Algo that is Nicehash and Asic resistant this way it is fair to all miners and keeps its value.

A.M.P is Designed to support the A.M.P platform where you can list and start your masternodes in less than 3 clicks.

We ourselfs have seen alot of people struggle with setting up a masternode.

Investors getting scammed by fake masternode supporters, losing coins by doing something wrong, spending days on getting there masternode started or even ending up selling there masternode . Because they simply can't get it to work.

Thats were A.M.P platform comes in for investors and developers !

A.M.P will allow any masternode coin to list on our platform, no special rules, favors, required mn value etc. Request listing for the disred masternode, pay the fee and it will be 3 clicks away to setup the requested masternode.

Developers can request listing for there masternode currency and also investors can apply for listing of there masternode of choise.

On launch of A.M.P there will be a Anti-Instamine of 500 blocks, these blocks will only reward 2 XMP per block.

The first 1000 block rewards will be 100% credited towards the miners. Including 500 blocks of Anti-Instamine.

The Masternode owners will get 50% of the block reward starting at block 1000, the miners will get the other 50% of the block reward.

Masternode Collateral is 5000 A.M.P per masternode, this to keep it hard to obtain one and stop the price from dropping. The masternode rewards will start at block 1000.

The Max A.M.P Supply is 20.000.0000 A.M.P there is a premined amount of 1% adding up to a total of 200 000 A.M.P Premine this will be used for: development, advertising, exchange listing and other ends.

Proof Of Work will stop at block 120 000 and Proof Of Stake will start. From that point on there will be no more mining.

A.M.P Specs

A.M.P has the following specifications

Name: AMP

Ticker: XMP

Algo: C11

Block Reward: 5

Max Supp: 20.000.000

Premine: 1%

Masternode Collateral: 5000 XMP

Masternode Reward: 50%

Miners Block Reward: 50%

POS: BLOCK 120.000

Block Time: 1 MIN

Mature Time: 1 HOUR


Most of your questions about the A.M.P Platform will be awnsered here.

What is A.M.P

A.M.P stands for Automated Masternode Platform. A.M.P will be a cryptocurrency used to list and run masternode with on the A.M.P Platform.

A.M.P for developers

Developers of masternode cryptocurrencys can get there masternode listed on the A.M.P platform for a listing fee in A.M.P, this way their investors can easly setup masternodes and support their network.

A.M.P for investors

A.M.P platform will be a big support for investors in the masternode world. It will be secure, fast, and extremely easy to setup. Once the developer of a masternode coin has listed on A.M.P platform investors will be able to setup there masternode in 2 minutes.

Listing Fees and Masternode Fees

The listing fee for developers will be around 2500 USD based on realtime exchange prices of A.M.P. This is a set amount of USD. The same for a masternode hodler, this price will be 30 USD per month in A.M.P

Is the A.M.P Platform Available already ?

The A.M.P Platform is currently in alpha testing and isn't visible for the public yet. We plan on releasing a demo on 06-01-2018. You can look at a quick preview if you click on Platform at the top of the website.

What makes A.M.P Platform different then other masternode platforms

A.M.P Allows every masternode cryptocurrency to list on our platform, we dont not decide who gets listed or not. Every developer & investor can request listing as long as the listing fee is payed.

What will you do with the listing fees payed ?

A.M.P will be constantly working on upgrading, improving and maintaining there masternode platform using the fees that are payed by investors and developers to list and run masternodes.

How safe is the A.M.P Platform ?

Your masternode collateral will not be on the A.M.P Platform, it will use a cold wallet setup meaning your currency stays in your own wallet.

What about DDOS attacks ?

Our website and platform will have DDOS protection, also our VPSES have a standard DDOS protection added.

Can i monitor my masternodes ?

Yes you will be able to login into our platform and monitor your nodes, in the future we will also add this to the mobile app.


A.M.P Currently offers the following supported wallets

A.M.P. Platform Preview

The A.M.P platform allows everyone to launch a masternode without linux or any programming knowledge.

This way new investors can easly setup there bought masternodes and developers save alot of time trying to explain or create guides on how to setup a masternode.

Below there is a little preview of how the platform will be looking when its release. The only thing required to setup the masternode by investors is simply the Masternode Genkey and the Masternode Outputs.


Masternode Worth $445,995

Launch masternode

Hosted masternodes: 88

Website | Explorer


Masternode Worth $54,000

Launch masternode

Hosted masternodes: 12

Website | Explorer


Masternode Worth $131,033

Launch masternode

Hosted masternodes: 73

Website | Explorer


Masternode Worth $25,498

Launch masternode

Hosted masternodes: 41

Website | Explorer


Masternode Worth $9,591

Launch masternode

Hosted masternodes: 43

Website | Explorer

Force Network

Masternode Worth $14,698

Launch masternode

Hosted masternodes: 90

Website | Explorer

A.M.P. Features

A.M.P Platform will offer the following Features for investors and Developers


No need to know linux, programming or other complicated stuff. Just be able to copy and paste !


The A.M.P platform will be undergoing maintenace on a daily base, to keep everything up to date and up to speed.


A.M.P Platform will offer 24/7 support using the live chat feature intergrated into the platform.


Masternode setup in less then 2 minutes, Daily mainteance, 24/7 Support, No programming skills required, No linux knowledge required, Fast, Secure, Private.


The future plans of A.M.P Cryptocurrency.